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Student Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives/College of Osteopathic Healthcare Executives (ACHE/COHE)

Welcome to the University of North Texas Health Science Center Student Chapter of ACHE/COHE. ACHE/COHE is a dually affiliated student organization. The primary mission of the student chapter is to inform the students of the health profession about the changing trends in medical economics, the impact of health care management practices, and the business aspects of patient care. In achieving this goal, the student chapter will better prepare student physicians and other allied health professionals for the managed care environment.

In addition, because of its affiliation with both allopathic and osteopathic healthcare institutions, the student chapter provides its members with an active network with the residency directors, healthcare executives, and attending physicians of the hospitals at which students will be doing their rotations. ACHE aims to assist medical student members in developing a relationship with the teaching hospitals before their rotations and residency applications.

In conjunction with other student organizations and the Office of Multicultural Affairs of the Health Science Center, ACHE operates the PROMISE Guest Speaker Program to train medical student volunteers to serve as guest speakers at local public and private schools. The student chapter is the national headquarters of the National Student Coalition of the College of Osteopathic Healthcare Executives, which holds annual conventions to influence the policies of the American Osteopathic Healthcare Association and the American Osteopathic Association.

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