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University of North Texas Health Science Center Student Chapter

College of Osteopathic
Healthcare Executives

Supplemental Test Bank

During the first week of school, you may purchase a Class of 2001 Test Bank which includes the old exams in all 1st year classes from 1995-1998. These are very valuable study tools for two reasons. First, there is always the possibility that professors will reuse these old test questions, and secondly they will help you get a better feeling for what type of questions you will be asked. Because of the importance of studying the old exams, we are providing new student members with a SUPPLEMENTAL Test Bank. The Supplemental Test Bank includes the old exams in all 1st year subjects from 1994-1995. These exams are NOT included in the 2001 Test Banks, and there is no overlap. When you turn in your completed membership application, we will make you a free copy of the Test Bank Supplement. However, because of the special arrangement with the print shop, the membership applications must be mailed back and processed before July 20, 1998. We will have the Test Bank ready for you to pick up on registration day, August 10, 1998.


Welcome Packet 

To welcome new members, the officers of ACHE have assembled 50 welcome packets to be given away on a first come first serve basis. For the student membership fee of $20, you will receive one of these packets that contains books and other items that will be helpful to you throughout medical school.

Within the packet you will find a copy of The Successful Medical Student written by Thornborough and Schmidt. Its actual retail value is $14.95. This book contains advice on how to study, cope with stress, and balance academic and social life. We have also included a copy of the pocket version of the 1998 Physician Desk Reference. The PDR Prescription Guide will very useful in the clinics. It also fits right into your clinic coat!

Also found in the packet are a pocket calculator to calculate dosage while you are in the clinic and a durable canvas bag to carry your workout cloth or scrubs. You will also find an Osteopathic Healthcare System of Texas T-shirt, a Netter’s Clinical Anatomy Atlas CD-ROM (computer Demo), and many other promotional items.

These items are hard to come by, and therefore we only have a limited quantity. Sign up for your membership today through the mail, and we will reserve one for you. The packets will be distributed during the Club Fair.

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