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University of North Texas Health Science Center Student Chapter

College of Osteopathic
Healthcare Executives

Mission Statement

The University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) at Fort Worth, Student Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives/College of Osteopathic Healthcare Executives, also known as the Association, is committed to achieving excellence through its programs in career development, member education, recruitment, and community service. The Association maintains a working relationship with other student organizations on campus in achieving its mission. The Association has a special mission to meet the needs of the individuals in the medical, public health, and graduate programs, as well as the medical community as a whole.

In order to achieve the following goals, the Association is maintaining affiliations with the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the College of Osteopathic Healthcare Executives (COHE).

Goal 1: Career Development

  • To provide public health students of UNT Health Science Center with networking opportunities through an educational forum with the faculty and local healthcare executives.
  • To foster an environment in which medical students can nurture their common interest in future careers as physician executives.
  • To facilitate the placement of the graduating students within their particular areas of interest.

Goal 2: Member Education

  • To educate the medical students at UNT Health Science Center about the future trends of healthcare management and how it will affect the physician's medical practice.
  • To keep all members up to date on the changes in the field of healthcare, and to help them prepare for an active role in the future of healthcare administration.
  • To aid the members in maintaining a positive and proactive stance regarding coming changes in the healthcare system.

Goal 3: Recruitment

  • To provide the opportunity for health systems of the Metroplex to recruit the graduating UNTHSC public health professionals through participation in the organization's activities, services, and events.
  • To offer medical students more exposure to the local hospitals by informing them of career opportunities within the healthcare network.

Goal 4: Community Service

  • To provide local teachers with guest speakers who are qualified to educate students about medicine and significant healthcare topics.
  • To encourage members to serve as role models for minority or underprivileged K-12 students through the organization's guest speaker program and other activities.

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