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University of North Texas Health Science Center Student Chapter

College of Osteopathic
Healthcare Executives

Student Publication

Managed Care Review

Managed Care Review is a quarterly journal produced by the editorial board of the student chapter. The purpose of this publication is to provide the students of the UNT Health Science Center with some basic knowledge on current healthcare trends and how they will impact theie future medical practices.

National Publications

Hospital and Health Services Administration (ACHE)

This quarterly publication is the official journal of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Its concise articles explore the myriad facets of healthcare management, from policy to finances. Issues also contain reviews of current, relevant healthcare management books.

Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

Each bimonthly issue of Healthcare Executive gives undivided attention to a single, critical healthcare topic-from building integrated delivery systems to preparing for capitation to career management and health system governance. Healthcare management experts provide in-depth analysis of emerging trends and issues and offer insight beyond that of general news magazines. That's one of the reasons why readers review Healthcare Executive more thoughtfully and thoroughly than other trade and professional publications and continue to pass it on to colleagues long after the publication date.

Osteopathic Progress (COHE)

Osteopathic Progress is a collaborative publication of the osteopathic profession that is published bimonthly by the American Osteopathic Healthcare Association. The mission of Osteopathic Progress is to provide accurate, timely, and useful information regarding osteopathic healthcare policies, institutions, and practioners. The periodical also provides a venue for osteopathic organizations to collaborate on their communications program, thereby achieving economies of scale and increasing readership.

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